Digital Marketing that Makes the Internet Work for Your Business

With a website and inbound digital marketing campaign by Locus our clients enjoy the security and growth provided by long-term customer acquisition. With that sustained flow of incoming customers, you can spend your time improving the systems and processes that make your business profitable, rather than worrying about getting your next customer.

The locus of your business' success is a strong online presence powered by the results-driven internet marketing services that we offer.

Website Design & Search Engine Optimization

Maybe you're not convinced you need a website, but you definitely want one. And you want it to work for you by being accessible to people who are searching for the products & services that you offer. We create attractive websites that are optimized for competitive search engine placement so that your online home brings you real-world business.

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Inbound Marketing & Online Content Strategy

We draw prospects in to your business with the strategic use of quality online content designed to acquire new customers. Through targeted organic (non-paid) search engine results, social media activity, and other industry-specific online platforms we run content marketing campaigns that attract qualified buyers before and when they are ready to buy.

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Online Business Listings & Reviews Management

Your website is your online headquarters, but your business exists elsewhere on the internet, whether you want it to or not. Online directories like Yelp, Google Business, etc. often have user-created listings where your business can be reviewed by the public. We claim, create & manage your listings on dozens of networks to control your image.

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A strong online presence allows owners to take their business to another level by making customer-acquisition a given, so that owners can focus their efforts on continuing the improvement of their products and services rather than finding their next customer. Our online marketing services allow businesses to reach current goals and to set ever-higher goals that were never before attainable. If you are here because you want to continue - or start - to take control of your business' success then you are in the right place.

What & How: Inbound Marketing and Sustained Business Growth

Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to your business by creating, curating and distributing useful and engaging content online. Locus' content marketing campaigns reach viewers and convert them to buyers for our clients.

To achieve this we design, publish and maintain attractive, user-friendly websites with fresh, high-quality content. Our clients' websites are optimized for competitive placement on Google, Bing, etc. across dozens of key search engine ranking factors. The targeted content we curate is based on market research - personalized for each client - and aimed at the best and most profitable opportunities for that client. So each page of each website is designed to convert visitors into paying customers, a process that is uniquely different for every client.

You sit back and watch as your business climbs the search engine rankings and your phone starts ringing and doors start swinging.

inbound marketing services contribute to sustained business growth by Locus Online Marketing Solutions

We market our clients' online content on social media, business directories and industry-specific platforms where it can continue to reach potential customers, often before they are even ready to buy so that when they are ready, they remember you. This long-term marketing strategy aimed at sustained customer acquisition works 100% of the time.

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